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DARZU Professional Massage Gun

DARZU 1080P Mini Spy Camera

Our Customers Say

“I had two reasons why I wanted to purchase a mini spy cam; 1) was to keep near doorstep to have recordable evidence in the event that someone would steal a package from my front doorstep since we purchase almost all of our basic necessities on Amazon! The second reason is because I wanted to have a mini-spy cam that is pointed at my front entrance when no one is home. I like that this camera is motion activated, it doesn’t waste battery power/memory on useless footage and in the event that something did happen I wouldn’t have to watch an endless amount of footage to view what occurred. ”

Jenny M.

“This thing is great and could be used all day. Several adapters to give different types of massage. Adjustable power levels make it work for stiffer muscles. Amazing how much of a difference it can make on a leg, back, thigh or any other body part that is sore and stiff. My husband has been doing lots of outside work and wants me to use this on him every day to revieve sore muscles. When holding the gun, the grip is comfortable and minimizes jiggling for the one holding it. You can also use it on yourself. This is a popular item in our house that everyone is wanting to use. Definitely going to get the mileage on this one!”

Mike A.

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